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Taurus, the year seems a bright new chapter in your life with plenty of new chances and opportunities. Your innermost romantic will be in action this year. High energy levels accompanied by patience will bring you success. Gemini, is round the corner and things are looking bright for you. Your intelligence and intellectual brilliance paired with your active involvement at work makes you brave enough to take on challenges by yourself. Cancer, unfolds a loads of new events which seek to change your life for good.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Moon Sign

As the year begins, your horoscope shows Rahu transiting your sign. Confusions can possibly make you indecisive this year. Leo, the horoscope brings new learnings for you. You are likely to be worldly wise now. As starts, a house related investment or expense would boost your spirits but work related stress could affect your health and result in mental stress too.

Virgo, your horoscope brings a delightful news for you! A long awaited dream finally seems to come true this year. Your financial condition as well as personal relations show significant improvement and atmosphere at home will be pleasing,.

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Libra, your horoscope speaks of a smooth and romantic period for you this year. Social work will interest you, though it will leave you little time for work and home, causing some problems. Your horoscope suggests you work hard in a disciplined manner if you want success.

Cancer Moon Sign Compatibility

Scorpio horoscope shows a period filled with confidence and courage. As the year starts, transit of Mars, the ruler of your sign, in Pisces makes you confident and active. Though some problems might come your way, you will easily overcome them without any help. If preparing for a competition or sports, then success is likely to be yours.

Sagittarius, your horoscope presents you with a brand new and improved image.

Leo (Simha Rasi) Daily Predictions

Any pending goals or unfulfilled dreams from the past years would become a reality with your hard work. Saturn transits your Moon Sign in , bringing along the effects of Sade Sati. Sagittarius, you will accept your weaknesses and work on removing them this year. Capricorn, your horoscope brings a bright new chapter in your life. With Saturn transiting your 12th house, influence of Sade Sati will shape your destiny.

Take things slow, as rising expenses might cause stress. Financial condition seems a bit doubtful. So you should control your expenses for better results. From March onwards, Ketu will transit with Saturn. For Aquarius, the horoscope brings hope for a promising time on all fronts. Advanced studies such as a doctorate or research oriented projects could be undertaken. The one issue you may face this year, is lack of concentration though.

You may find yourself drifting away into a world of ideas or fanciful thinking.

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You could even spend significant time analysing what someone said, whys and wherefores of an event! You need to keep alert in the last quarter as financial pressures increases. There may be purchase of a new asset or a property during this time. The Leo born individuals may have a fairly alright personal life during this period - it is definitely better than the anguish experienced in the last couple of years.

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Lesser problems, more compassion and understanding, along with better financial prospects eases the situation. Some of the Leos may move into a newer home this year - it could lead to greater independence but also increases chores and responsibilities to be shouldered. Some of the Leos maybe more interested in doing their own thing and social occasions and opportunities to mingle do not create excitement. Happy occasions and ceremonies are likely. Some of the Leo individuals may be preoccupied with worries related to children.

Those with adolescents maybe putting heads together for education related plans. It is also a time where the Leos could grow personally by exploring their spirituality. Self-growth, higher learning and insights about self are possible. Also keep communications with loved ones clear to avoid misunderstandings.

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Leo Moon Sign (Simha Rasi) 2019 Horoscope Predictions

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Karmic grandmaster Lord Saturn stays in Sagittarius, 5 th to your natal Moon for the entire year. Mars , the mighty Warrior has an exceptionally long stay in Capricorn from May 2, - November 6, , i.