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Johanna Hedva on Twitter: "my horoscope by chaninicholas. Your September Monthly Horoscope. Taurus Weekly Horoscope Jessica Adams.

Leo Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect! Taurus Horoscope - Taurus - Darkstar Astrology. May horoscopes: Expect money and career changes until Taurus Career Horoscope Emine is offering a Webinar master class on the Principles of Astrological Remedies, which will teach you how to remedy any planet, sign, house, and aspect. You will learn how to turn your own and Her webinar gives deep psychological remedies, not superficial patch ups for people willing to work on themselves.

I think this is a must if you have some difficult placements in your chart and want to not only overcome your challenges but also feel a solid love and acceptance for yourself. Emine specializes in Astrological remedies and has previously created the Money, Purpose and Flow report, which focuses on wealth remedies, and the 8th House Manual, which deals with the remedies for the 8th house. Moon in Pisces During the Moon in Pisces, it is very possible for all of people's talents to be shown and old problems to find unexpected solutions. You can lose your sense of reality and therefore you may not be able to deal with important issues.

On the other hand, some facts and details might become more clear. Be careful about taking medicines. Patients with chronical diseases may need lower doses of medicines, prescribed by doctors.

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It is a period of mutual understanding and respect for the interests of the partners. Transiting Mars Conjunct my Natal Saturn. No wonder I have been so irritable and frustrated! It feels like driving a car with the breaks on! I wonder how much free will we really have when our moods and circumstances are so influences by the planets. Only very selfless, loving, high minded and self controlled people could overcome with grace and positivity the difficult influences I have so much more growth to do Passions and desires deepen. We can use this period to share intensely and more intimately with partners, deepen your intimacy, reveal secrets and fears to one another.

On the negative side, it can make us more suspicious in relationships with others. We can dig out some secrets or confront unpalatable or more private layers of our social and relationship patterns. Relationships started now, will be based on strong sexual attraction and passion, but can indicate higher chances of manipulation, control issues, possessiveness. Where are we limiting ourselves?

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Why we fail to easily achieve things? How to have all what you want? Your affection and proper actions bring harmony in family relationships. Another week coming and Mariana provides you with another portion of the amazing weekly horoscopes she writtes for each sign! Please take in mind that it takes a few hours or sometimes a day or two, to get a reply back from our astrologers!

Sudden changes in plans due to outer circumstances. Need to adapt to new circumstances or re-arrange schedules. Surprising or electrifying news, unexpected information. For Mithrasians this ascent was also a path of moral discipline. Aldebaran means "the Follower" in Arabic as it follows the Pleiades cluster. As Tishtar, the Watcher in the East, Aldebaran was the equinox star c.

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Aldebaran star astrology pisces daily horoscope for december 30 ! Navigation menu; Google Translate. The fixed stars hold the key to precise chart interpretation December 5. November 8.

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Mars Conjunct Aldebaran — Septentriones November 1. October September 1. August 2. July 3. June 1. May 3. April 2. Search By Tags. How to work with the fixed stars in astrological chart; birthday horoscope taurus december 5 ? Mars Conjunct Aldebaran. Positions for fixed stars:. Aldebaran - Alpha Tauri.