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In such manner their popularity will increase amazingly. Emotions are key In the astrological constellation of a Cancer sun with a Scorpio rising Cancers quite reserved and slightly passive character traits are enhanced by the emotional force of Scorpios influence which leads to consequent action.

Although this sign propagate their views consequently they are also able to be sensitive towards their environments anyway.

Scorpio Rising: Personality Traits of Scorpio Ascendant

People who are born as Cancer man or woman with Scorpio ascendant are totally aware of their strong personality and, in addition, of what they want in life. Their character traits are therefore utterly stable. Cancers with Scorpio ascendant present an intuitive and direct opinion about life, showing an extremely clear and tangible philosophy.

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It is for them a matter of course to get to the bottom of some issues. You may find yourself in situations where you make risky but profitable choices. Fear nothing though, you have infallible flair to guide you. The prudence of the Scorpio ascendant could mean you lack in spontaneity.

Even your moods and bouts of anxiety are extreme.

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Any long-lasting situations which have irked you for a while may end in you voicing your real emotions! Your Scorpio ascendant makes you suspicious of others. However, what could be a negative is actually a positive, as these doubts push you to better yourself and turn fantasy into daily reality.

Friendship is a highly important value to you and your spontaneity often helps you to make new friends. Many of them could benefit from your listening skills, your good sense of humor and above all your excellent advice. Your wisdom is recognized by all. In short, your household will rarely be empty! Your ascendant bestows you with a profound love for art, an area you already have natural interest for. Highly curious, you like learning a lot about a subject and then passing on the knowledge to other people. Whether in relationships or as a friend, you have an excellent reputation.

Take care however as your ascendant prefers attack over defense. Concentrate on your emotional certainty to strengthen your relationships. The unknown? You love that!

Scorpio ascendant

Moreover, you have a talkative spirit and everyone clings onto your company! Sociable but blessed with the independence of your Scorpio ascendant, you can sometimes struggle with team work or reporting to higher ups. Capricorn and Scorpio form a magnetic duo.

You have a rebel in you, which you can either channelize positively or destructively. Creative and talented, you have Fifth House in Pisces.

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You love creative hobbies, but might get confused as to which one to pick for yourself. You are anxious to express yourself, but don't know how to. You are of sacrificing nature in terms of romance and are attracted to those who you think need your help.

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You will be confused about what you want from romance. You would find it difficult to raise your children and might be even confused about how to do it. But you would do anything for them. Ninth House in Cancer makes you emotional bound to your religious and spiritual beliefs. Your heart and mood guides you in forming your belief-system. You find yourself at ease, away from home and in a foreign land where you adapt with a different culture.

You have a strong intuition.

Scorpio Rising - Your First Impression

You may even drastically change your religious and spiritual belief-system, in case something emotionally destructive happens in your life. Fourth House in Aquarius makes you demand complete freedom and independence at home front. You do not wish to have traditional household and family life. You set your own rules and follow them.

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You have great energy within you which makes you difficult to settle at one place and you are always at go which may create rifts and strife with family at home. You are caring and sympathetic but do not have strong emotional ties with the place you call home or family. You wish for an interesting life and a house full of latest technology and gadgets.

More often than not you settle away from home, even if for a small amount of time. Gemini as Eighth House gives you an interesting viewpoint towards life and its mysteries.

Scorpio Rising: Complete Astro Report On The Scorpio Ascendant

You find yourself curious and naturally attracted towards secretive and unexplained phenomenons. You like to dig out secrets of those around you. You know a lot many ways to handle your joint finances, investments and savings.

taylor.evolt.org/pevam-amposta-app.php You have a strong mental will to go through any kind of transformation and trying times. Twelfth House in Libra makes you appear a loner with a strong streak of independence. You prefer working on your own than with a partner. Some sort of misunderstandings always seem to crop up when in partnership of any sort. You fear and hate being dependant on others.

When you become more outgoing and extrovert, you find life and partnerships becoming more favourable to you. When in your comfort zone, you can be romantic and diplomatic. This was your approach towards various areas of life as per your Ascendant Astrology.